When Charles A. Creel set up his real estate business on the site of present day Arriba in Lincoln County in 1888, he knew exactly what kind of town he would like to build there. The Rock Island Railroad track was laid near-by. Later that year and for several years thereafter, Arriba grew steadily and orderly, pretty much following the plan Creel had in mind.

C.C.Coleman wasn't in Creel's plan, however. Coleman purchased land adjacent to Arriba in 1904, platted it, and by 1907 was selling lots under the name of "Frontier City". And while his neighbor, Creel, had refused to sell property to people wanting to build saloons, Coleman allowed one of his lots, which was very close to Creel's home, to be used for a saloon business. The "wets" and the "drys" squared off. Creel apparently took it as a personal obligation to protect the people of Arriba from the evils of drink.

Visit the Arriba Museum to hear ". . . .the rest of the story."

Arriba Museum

This museum contains a well kept collection of history and artifacts from the local area. The museum staff are helpful and knowledgeable on the museum collection. To cap it off, view their video which documents the entire Arriba - Frontier City feud. Quite interesting.

Visit the Arriba Museum to hear "the rest of the story."

Arriba Museum
Arriba Town Hall
Arriba, Colo. 80804

Open Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 8am-12noon 1pm-5pm
Contact Eunice at 719-768-3371 for appointments.

Grandpa Jerry's Clown Museum

It all began with 13 clowns in 1986 in Sterling, Colorado. In 1990, I met Dale Ann and things went crazy. From there, collecting became a disease. My brother Larry got involved and became the biggest contributor to the collection. Both of our families and countless friends also got involved and the collection took off. In 2001, the museum moved to its current location on Arriba, Colorado.

Grandpa Jerry's Clown Museum is the largest collection of its kind in such a small building. The collection includes everything from baby rattles to a Picasso piece. It is made up of items from at least 28 states and 13 countries. Among the items housed in the museum are cookie jars, salt & pepper shakers (one of the most difficult items to find), coffee cups, tea sets, head vases, banks, music boxes, pictures, porcelain pieces, and countless other items.

A must see on your museum tour.

Grandpa Jerry's Clown Museum
22 Lincoln Ave.
Arriba, Colo. 80804
Open by appointment during the winter.
719-768-3257 Home
719-740-6195 Cell
719-768-3399 Work

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  • Arriba Museum - Arriba Town Hall

  • Grampa Jerry's Clown Museum - 22 Lincoln Ave.

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